Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) come in many different types, sizes and power outputs. The most commonly used are mono-crystalline which usually come with a black frame. Panels with a black back are also available and are becoming increasingly popular as they can give a more aesthetically pleasing finish, especially on domestic properties.

Above Roof Mounting

Panels have traditionally been installed above the roof covering (tiles, slates or metal) using a mounting system specifically designed for each type of roof. This method is usually the most cost-effective when retrofitting a solar system.


Building Integrated

It is also possible and increasingly popular to install solar panels in the fabric of the roof (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic or BIPV). With this method, they take the place of the tiles or slates and become the watertight covering. Tiles and slates are then installed around them which gives the impression that the solar panels are embedded in the roof. This gives a very high-quality finish which is often flush with the roof covering.

Flat Roof Mounting
If you have a large flat roof area, it is also possible to install panels on specially designed mounting systems which allow the panels to be installed at an angle facing the most southerly direction. These mounting systems can either be fixed directly to the roof structure or weighed down with ballast. Not all flat roofs are suitable for this type of system.

Store your excess solar power

If you are planning to install solar PV panels, you should also consider installing a battery storage system to retain any excess electricity that your solar PV system generates during the daytime for your house to use during the evening and at night.

Start benefitting from reduced energy bills

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