Tesla Powerwall

At Windsor Solar, we have been at the forefront of the fast-moving solar revolution for more than 10 years and have seen many changes along the way. Once again, we find ourselves at the cutting edge of the 2nd phase of this revolution with the advent of new battery storage systems which is being predominantly led by the Tesla Powerwall. This easy to use, fully automatic battery storage system will allow you to do the following:

Store Excess Solar Power

Store excess solar power to use whenever you need it, day or night instead of exporting it to the national grid. This will enable your property to become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon the national grid whilst also saving money on your electricity costs.

Low Cost (Off-Peak) Charging

Charge your battery on low-cost off-peak electricity which you can then use to power your home during high-cost peak times the following day. This allows you to make substantial savings on your electricity costs during the winter months when your solar PV system may not be producing enough power to fully charge your battery.

Keep Running Off-Grid

In the event of a power cut, your Powerwall will disconnect from the grid and keep powering your home. During daylight hours, it will also allow your solar PV system to keep running to supply your electrical demand and top up your battery. This switchover is fully automatic and so seamless that you may not even notice it happen.


Energy Capacity
13.5 kWh
100% depth of discharge
90% round trip efficiency

5kW peak / 5kW continuous
Seamless backup transition
Pure sine wave output

Size and Weight
L x W x D
45.3″ x 29.6″ x 5.75″
1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
251.3 lbs / 114 kg

Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
Up to 10 Powerwalls per installation

Single or three phase
-4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
Water and dust resistance to IP67

Meets US and international safety standards
Meets US and international EMI standards

10 years

Start benefitting from reduced energy bills

Many of our customers are already benefiting from reduced energy bills, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced reliance upon the national grid and you can too. Call Windsor Solar now for a FREE no-obligation design and quotation and you could become our next happy customer.